Local SEO Packages

The perfect SEO package for small businesses and start-ups operating and doing business within 200 miles of their business's location(s).

Our local SEO packages are suitable for small businesses and start-ups who serve a specific geographic location (city, county, or state). This package helps businesses take advantage of all the necessary tools provided by search engines and helps improve their organic search rankings on popular search engine through technical SEO and content optimization.

All local SEO Packages Include

Citation and Link Building

Every SEO campaign can benefit from developing high-quality, relevant backlinks. We start with generating reports on your current backlinks and then develop a strategic, practical plan to create more backlinks to your site. Many of these backlinks are generated through high-quality content, but manual citation building is also a high priority.

Keyword Reports & Research

After we determine a suitable keyword list, we review that list and get initial approval. Next, we generate a current ranking report to determine our starting point. We then run monthly, reports to monitor our SEO efforts and track the progress of each of the determined keywords. With a local-SEO focus, we target keywords that we are sure you will outrank your competitors with.


Copywriting and content writing are both essential parts of a local SEO campaign. We begin by determining what content requires rewriting and then implement those changes. We then look at what content can be generated and placed on new pages to give search engines a complete reference to our generate keyword list.

Local Business Listings

Local Business Listings not only allow your business to expand its online presence, but they also provide Google and other search engines with relevant information for verification and authenticity. We monitor your current local listings, check for missing information and inconsistencies, and follow up with creating and optimizing local listings that your business can take advantage of.

Google Analytics Installation

Google Analytics is an essential component to a successful online marketing campaign. If Google Analytics is currently installed on your site, we start by analyzing the data and using that as our primary starting point. If it has not been installed, we install it, optimize settings for your business, and set up conversion tracking to analyze our efforts moving forward.

Competitive Analysis

Analyzing your competition is a crucial component to any marketing campaign. We analyze what areas in your market you can take advantage of targeting, we research your competitor's keyword rankings, backlink profiles, and citations, and finally, we curate a custom marketing and SEO strategy that is guaranteed to help you outperform your competition.

Miscellaneous Technical SEO

After optimizing your site, we implement structured data markup (schema), optimize your website's page speeds for mobile and desktop browsing, and implement Google's AMP (Advanced Mobile Pages) on your site to help you take advantage of all modern SEO features available in 2022. Including Google's new featured snippets.

Title & Meta Tag Optimizations

Keywords find a home in many areas of a website, but there is no doubt that one of the most important places to optimize on a website is inside title tags and meta tags. These tags contain all the content that is shown to users when they see your site on search engine results pages. They not only provide a space to insert your primary, secondary, and tertiary keywords but also become useful and effective call-to-actions for potential leads.

Website Data Analysis

At Capitol CoDesign, we never like to guess. We always analyze data from Google Analytics, evaluate website data such as bounce rate, click-through-rate, exit rate, and conversion rate to determine exactly what is working and what needs improvement. By examining data and constantly monitoring our efforts, we are confident in saying that we always exceed our clients' expectation.

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